Past Science Cafes

The Science Cafe was the first science event series started by the Dahlonega Science Council in 2016.  A list of some of our recent cafes can be found below.  

Thank you to everyone who has shared in these great discussions about exciting and cutting edge science.  Join us for more cafes in the future!


Past Science Cafes


Apr 15, 2024

Hannah Burch, Alex Christensen, and Kim Nguyen

Student Scientists

Mar 25, 2024

Dr. Erin Bush

Managing Objectionable Girls: Juvenile Delinquency and Eugenics in the Early 20th Century

Feb 26, 2024

Dr. Jeremy Olson

Transparent Wood: New applications of a sustainable building material

Jan 29, 2024

Dr. Dilina Perera

Glimpse into the Fascinating World of AI: A Physicist’s Perspective

Dec 4, 2023

Dr. Greg Feiden

Supermassive Black Holes: Monsters Lurking in the Shadows

Nov 20, 2023

Dr. Rachel Rogers

Forever Chemicals and Drinking Water: What you need to know

Oct 30, 2023

Dr. Evan Lampert

Gentle Joros: Living with North Georgia’s Most Famous Exotic Spiders

Sept 25, 2023

Dr. Neal Lin

Cautionary Tales of Improper Food Canning and Botulism

Aug 28, 2023

Dr. Claire Livingston and Kris Lange

From Grapes to Glass

May 22, 2023

Patrick Smallwood

100,000 Seeds, but Very Few Plants

May 8, 2023

James Costa

Radical by Nature

Apr 3, 2023

David R. Peoples

Machines and Soul Into a Musical Thought

Mar 20, 2023

Patrick Hightower

A Great Big Beautiful Tomorrow: Disney, Nature, and Progress

Feb 13, 2023

Francisco Guzman

What’s the matter with the matter of the universe?

Dec 5, 2022

Linda Purvis

Which came first, chicken or hormones? Debunking the hormone myth.

Nov 7, 2022

Aimee Tomlinson

OLEDs, solar cells, and electrochromic materials, oh my!

Oct 17, 2022

Patrick Bunton

Renewable energies: solar wind and beyond

Sep 19, 2022

Jill Schulze

Eastern Bluebirds (Sialia sialis): The good, the bad, and a few things you might regret learning

Aug 15, 2022

Evan Lampert

No murders in the Peach State: Large wasps and hornets of North Georgia